Good evening and welcome to my site,


Some of you no doubt have either met me through facebook, or through different blog websites that I frequent. I have often felt the need to vent both my frustrations and ideas, and thought that I would create this in case anyone was interested in seeing those. Yes, pretty much another opinion blog on the news of the day, but this will not just be about my biggest topic of Politics. I’m also very into putting my critique of different movies, and shows out there as it often varies greatly with most mainline reviewers. Huge sports fan, Dolphins, Marlins, Hurricanes.Maybe, even, when Noah on his way when he gets here I will be posting and looking for help as a new father.


For those who know me personally probably won’t be surprised by much of the stuff that I put on here. I’m opinionated, passionate, stubborn, and very conservative politically. I was offered a job once to be a “paid blogger” but the rules at my work are not very open to that idea. For those that don’t know me personally a good friend from high school gave me the nickname of “steamboat” at halftime of a basketball game at my high school when I was a Junior in high school, and there are a number of people who simply know me by that moniker.


I’m married to my absolutely better half (no matter what she tells you otherwise) Lori, with my son Noah due to be introduced to the world on December 31st. We own four dogs: Gizmo, Gizzer (name is gizmo too, go figure we’d adopt a dog with the same name), Pixie, and Mira (short for Miracle). They are a pack of Pomeranian, which honestly I never thought I’d like small dogs, but this breed and our dogs are exceptions to my normal tastes for certain.


Anyway, for those that do choose to follow me, I thank you for regarding my thoughts. Never fear of engaging in a debate if I do not believe as you do. Chances of my mind being changed is slim, but I listen, and I debate as tactfully as possible. I appreciate it.