With every bombardment of news day after day its hard to see that polls show that a major plurality of the country (40-44% depending on the poll) consider themselves to be conservative.  With this in mind, why is it that over the past century that there has been much more progress in moving this country to a European model demo-socialist state?

There are numerous reasons possible to have brought this about, but the biggest one is rather simple. We conservatives operate under a set of strict rules as outlined by the original intent of the founders in our founding documents. The problem is that liberal progress is made through using supposed loopholes and modernization of words used in previous historical documents. When you combine this with courts judging based on precedent over constitutional concepts it sets up a situation that once something has been done, it is almost impossible to undo. But see, that’s not even the biggest problem. Conservatives are more likely to go into business fields, create a business, or other things in order to make money. Over the past century liberal progressives have known this, and taken advantage of it to the extent that I cannot believe. This means, that nearly every judge, teacher, or any college educated person must either learn what those progressive plants in universities want them to learn, or struggle through school.  If, then, you realize this and go to a school that is known to be conservative you are then derided as going to an extreme, unacceptable college by those professions that progressives control.

It truly is a significant, and brilliant execution to be able to manipulate an entire system to work in your favor. But even this, in the end is not the most powerful tool that liberal progressives have taken to try to take our country to where they want it to go, and the most powerful, is also the most often used by dictators and socialists movements alike. The most powerful tool is power over the desperate. That power, is reliance on government to survive. After all human natures strongest desire is the desire to survive. If not for yourself, then for your family. So the more people rely on the government to be able to buy food, water, and other things you cannot live without the more people must protect the government from going away from the socialist democratic model until there is no democracy, or, in our case, no republic left. The end game is to make elections irrelevant creating a permanent political ruling class.

In the end, I believe more and more on both sides of the aisle are starting to realize that this is not just about taking care of people, but rather controlling people. When they first ran polls that had Sarah Palin matched up against Barack Obama I had seen as little as 26% support for Sarah Palin in consistent polls. Recently this trend has reversed, and she is actually polling better then most other candidates that are viewed as much more main stream. Why do I believe this is an important trend? Because Sarah Palin is the only serious political movement (not yet candidate although I hope she will be) that attempts to expose these types of things. She attacked it openly in Alaska. She starts in on the most visible, and most obvious money entanglement that makes business’s dependent upon the government. Its always started as just a safety net, just something to help those who come upon bad luck. It ends up being extended to more and more people until such a time that it consumes enough people to sustain the power of the government. We must be careful, as that tipping point is approaching.