An eventful day on twitter regarding taxes brought about by the Buffett rule request has led the white house to post a “refutation” of the true statistics on who pays what taxes. In this analysis they are calling the payroll taxes income taxes for purposes of  “disproving” the statistics when it comes to who pays what percent of taxes and how many people pay no income taxes. To me, it boxes them in a corner, either President Obama knowingly mislead the public about taxes, or we have been right all along that social security is not and has never been a trust fund with an account as is yearly reminded that it is by the SSA. It goes directly into the general fund, and out of the general fund the social security is paid out. So..lets talk tax reform should we? Lets eliminate payroll taxes altogether if we are going to continue with this farcical argument about taxation and fairness. Lets lower the “tax burden” on low and middle income families and eliminate getting more out then you put in.