We’re just three games in, and already the NFL looks like a strange strange place. The Eagles spent a ton of money bringing in top flight talent and looked like a favorite to win the whole thing, maybe #2 to the Packers. Three weeks, 1-2 and having trouble keeping Michael Vick in the game. We have three teams left standing undefeated, the Packers, the Lions, and the Bills. The packers were easy to see coming of course, the Lions do not surprise me at all, but surprise some, but who saw the Bills coming?

Its funny, cause my preseason prediction was not much different then this one.

East Winner : New York Giants 12-4
North Winner: Green Bay Packers 13-3
South Winner: New Orleans Saints 10-6
West Winner : San Francisco 49ers 10-6

Wild Card #1: Detroit Lions 11-5
Wild Card #2: Dallas Cowboys 10-6

Now in the NFC there are a couple surprises. The Eagles spent all that money, but I think that unless Vick stays healthy the rest of the year (which I doubt highly) they fall short of the playoffs. I’m going out a little on a limb with the Giants, but I’ve seen them play and they seem really to be working together well and Eli has not been making near the mistakes he has in the past. Maybe he likes being the only Manning playing this year. The 49ers might not be as good as I see here, but in their division I don’t see anyone beating them consistently, and they are 2-1 so they only need 8-5 to get there and with their schedule I think that’s doable. Detroit would not surprise me if they flip with the packers, if not now, then in the next year or two.

East Winner : New England Patriots 11-5
North Winner: Baltimore Ravens 11-5
South Winner: Tennessee Titans 10-6
West Winner : San Diego Chargers 11-5

Wild Card #1: Buffalo Bills 10-6
Wild Card #2: New York Jets 10-6

The AFC to me shows more parity. I do not see a team that can consistently dominate the league. The patriots would, if they had any sort of defense. The Ravens would if their offense is more consistent. Chargers will get better as the season goes on, and Gates get healthy again. The Bills are not better then the Patriots, but they are darn close and have beaten them once. I’m actually not sure of the Jets being in, but I just do not see the Steeler’s beating them out this year and I just don’t see anyone else.

MVP : Tom Brady
ROY : Cam Newton
DPOY: Jared Allen