Gonna be pretty simple today. There has been so many things coming out of the “occupy ____” campaign that it has me confused as to what their purpose is. What is it they want? I mean, the majority of what I have seen has ranged from more economic regulation of banks, forced price fixing on interest rates, anger about the bailouts, and goes all the way to true Marxists campaigning to destroy capitalism by whatever means necessary. What happens if the people in this “movement” do not get what they want? What if they do? I do not see any way that this ends well whether they get their way or not. The lawlessness and general mood of the protestors reminds me of those who protested prior to the riots and general destruction that happened after austerity measures were taken in Greece and Great Britain. I’ve heard from some people that because corporations have been given person hood it somehow has led to the economic situation and crony capitalism. If that is the case, then why is your liberal in chief the worst crony capitalist offender of all time? I’m frustrated, and honestly a bit pessimistic right now. If someone has any knowledge of how I am wrong to be cynical right now about how this all will end. Please enlighten me. What is the purpose? What is the goal? What does America look like when your done? What happens if you do not achieve your goals? What happens if the exact opposite in your eyes happens?