Good evening,

I’m surprised that I got this far without this post being made public. If keeping your thoughts private are good for politics, then I’m guessing I’m probably not made to be a politician. Course, with me if I ever did run you’d be able to know exactly what and why I believe nearly everything that I believe.

My name is Joshua Saunders. I was born in Tampa, Florida and reside now in the state of Virginia. My representative in congress (unfortunately) is Bobby Scott for now. We have a hard time even getting people to run against him and if they do they may get 30% of the vote with the most gerrymandered district I have ever heard of (if anyone’s seen worse let me know) but usually less then 15%.

My wife, Lori, is pregnant with our first child. Noah Ross. I am a devout Christian, but do not consider myself religious. Saved by grace through faith. I am not worthy of His love yet somehow, He does through it all. I’m recently unemployed and looking for a good job. It would be absolutely awesome to be able to get a job in my intended major, but hard to do so being that financially I was never able to finish that degree. Try being a conservative getting a Political Science degree with people who are to the left of Barack Obama “teaching” the class.

In future posts I will go over more, and different issues that I believe in in detail. For now I want a president who will illustrate a conservative alternative to the current disaster of an administration. A clear alternative that I can trust to not be a double agent that I believe George W. Bush was for progressivism in our country. A candidate that is able to clearly articulate his positions in a way that leads me to trust him not just to hold to conservative ideals, but also to be able to competently show the differences between the administration’s policies and his/her own and why their solutions are beneficial for all Americans.

We also must be very careful in our trust of even the best representatives. Too much trust in government leads to larger and more powerful government by default. Its what happened in GW Bush’s administration and his father’s as well. There is alot of temptations inside of the beltway. Easy money, corrupting agents of power, and it ends with what I would consider an addiction to lead a candidate to care more about their reelection than the welfare of their district or the country. This is why I believe so much was written by our founders illustrating the need for representatives to be grounded, and preferred them to have a day job. Something tying them back to the people in a real way.

We have to eliminate crony capitalism. This is one of the largest temptations in congress or the white house to abuse power. Picking winners and losers and profiting from actions you take regardless of whether the action is correct or not. By eliminating this we get away from the false left/right paradigm that exists in Europe that just goes back and forth between socialism and fascism and never any resemblance of true Republic and free market capitalism.

We must restore the constitution to force it to mean something again. We must cut spending and its automatic taxation that comes along with it. Whether it be by taxes or by artificial inflation of our monetary system. We must reduce the power of the Federal Reserve and restore more power over monetary policy to congress.

We must secure our borders, and deal with illegal immigration the only way that will work. By enforcing it on employers consistently, and moving towards an e-verify system that works. One way to fix the “jobs people will not do” is to highlight these jobs for those that are physically able to do them, and have that as part of unemployment benefits. I learned a lot from my physical labor and would not be objective to it again if it were beneficial to me financially. One of the problems with this is that illegal immigration makes it near impossible for it to be beneficial financially.

On education, the best prescription may never take hold. Privatization of our entire system would cause the system not to bleed money. If you looked at how much each individual contributes to the system and compared it to a private school you may be surprised in what you find. But in the mean time, charter schools, vouchers if we can get them, and decentralizing the enforcement to the state and local level.

On social security and medicare the problem is existential to the purpose of the systems originally even if you are fully behind them. They were supposed to be a hedge against living significantly longer than expected. Not a retirement account. So we want a retirement account and something to have for medical insurance when we retire. Most conservatives running have the right ideas for phasing out the system and replacing it with personal type savings accounts a la galvestone or chile’. I for one am not counting on it to be there for me, and the original intent was not for it to be there for most people if you read the purpose for it.

Does any one candidate embody all of the things I am looking for? I don’t believe so, and I am still in the process of vetting them all to find one that I will be able to get fully behind. I will vote for every last one of them against Obama, although there are three I solemnly hope never see that possibility. I voted for McCain, but I hated every second of thinking of having to do so. I want to be able to vocally support our nominee for reasons other then he is anything outside of Obama.

My next post will be primarily on my view of foreign policy, and from there who knows. I don’t think that a person can read my thoughts on anything unless they understand where I am coming from when I say them. So here’s hoping you find this at least interesting contribution to political discourse and I hope you’ll continue to follow my blog. I absolutely enjoy debate, so don’t feel like you can’t comment and disagree with things, but know that I am very stubborn, and strive every day to become more knowledgeable on all of these subjects.