Immigration has always been a highly emotional subject. And it most definitely should be an important one in any society. Even more so in our society as nearly all of us are descendants of immigrants here. We currently do not have an honest discussion on immigration, because of the emotionality of the subject to so many.

Its time for us to start to have the conversation, but action needs to take place before we can have a true debate on this conversation. Anything we talk about or do right now is useless while our border is porous. So, to me the most important thing is to do whatever is necessary to secure the border. I personally believe that we should de-centralize the National Guard and return it to its primary concern. The national guard was never intended to be used as overseas contingency. It was intended to be used inside the country for any number of different things from disaster relief to emergency preparations. I contend our national guard should be used to defend our borders under the control of the states, and not the federal government.

Why do I not want this to be under the federal government? Because I believe a standing army controlled by a national government will lead to tyranny pure and simple. I may even trust our next president, but that doesn’t change that I may not trust future presidents with military operations inside of the country.

Strategic fencing, and all other options have to be on the table. I will say if the governor of Texas does not believe one solid fence is reasonable, we may need to evaluate that. He has the largest portion of the southern border to defend and has been governor of that territory for a very long time.

After we are at least reasonably secure on our border then we can discuss what to do with those that are already here. Personally, I believe if we seriously started to enforce the laws on the books a good majority of them would go back on their own like they have vacated Arizona, Alabama, and other states that are trying to do so. The most important part is to police those companies who take advantage of the immigrant labor. People are going to disagree with me because they say that they are necessary because Americans will not do that work. Believe it or not I see that as two concurrent problems. First, unemployment is easily accessed and easily kept. If a person is able bodied I believe after a certain period of time they should have to apply for jobs like this. The second, and more important reason really is that these jobs do not pay fair market value. When they use illegal immigrants they pay below minimum wage. Do you really feel that even minimum wage or nine dollars an hour is fair market for a job that can break down your body over a long period of time? Absolutely not. Allowing the use of illegal immigrants for these positions pushes down the wages in this industry making it so that no thinking American would ever work for these industries.

So, once these things are in place invariably there are going to be some here. One of the largest problems with illegal immigration to me is the rampant fraud and identity theft that runs rampant inside of these circles out of necessity. They need socials and birth certificates in order to fool business’s that at least put up the guise of trying to be legal. Any person who is proven to have engaged in these activities cannot be given legal worker status and should be deported. Any immigrant that is left here that has no demonstrated criminal activity could potentially at that time be given legal worker status, but they must be sponsored by a family or company that is willing to take responsibility for them. Instead of a fine I propose a sort of bail amount that is refundable after a period of time charged to the person who sponsors the immigrant. If they wish to be considered for citizenship they will be put at the back of the line and go through everything that is necessary for anyone coming in. With how I am seeing things I do not believe that many would fall into this category so we would only be left with the best of immigrants that most people can get behind.

People seem to forget the millions of legal immigrants in this country that are offended by talk that someone would be rewarded for manipulating the system and breaking the law when they followed it. Legal immigration should be improved, and those specifically who are willing to serve in armed forces should be given the fast track as well as skilled labor particularly in high math and science should also receive preference.

Before we can get into too much of the specifics the border absolutely must be secured. If we are to have a discussion on it, we need for politicians to quit acting like those that believe in a strong immigration policy are inhumane heartless racists. I can respect disagreement, but please respect me. I can even vote for someone who disagrees, but not one who insults an entire segment of his constituency.