An exercise I do from time to time to reality check my views of different candidates and how they match up with my ideal candidate.

Certain things are more important to me in a president that wouldn’t be as big if it were another position.

Foreign Policy = Max 40 points
Immigration Policy = Max 30 points
Secure Borders Policy – Max 30 points

Those are the big ones.

Stands on other large issues are often tie-breakers between two candidates similar on the top 3.

Vision for tax policy = -10 to +10 points
Vision for social security = -30 to +10 points
Vision for Medicare = -20 to +5 points
Vision for 10th amendment = -30 to +15 points
Ethics = -40 to 0 points
Executive Experience = 0 points to +10 points
Trust = -60 to +10 points
Pro-life Stand = -30 points to +10 points

Okay so that’s a good starting point. To illustrate this in action I will use a couple people I know are not running this campaign for office.

Sarah Palin: 136 Points
Bob McDonnell: 129 Points
Donald Trump: 24 Points
Rudy Giuliani: 44 Points

Does that generally follow the order of people I like in politics scoring? It absolutely does. There, however, is one more thing. It kinda acts as a disqualification agent. Campaign competency ends up taking the trust sector down further then the range stated above if for some reason they seem to let pressure make their policy stands unclear. Which, to me, is what happened to Herman Cain. Lets put him through this and see where he came up before, and where he came after his Piers Morgan interview and other related campaign problems.

Herman Cain (pre-campaign troubles): 133 Points
Herman Cain (If still running now) : 61 Points

In general for me to support a candidate without hesitation the candidate would have to get 100 points. I won’t do this, yet, for any of the presidential candidates, but I will as we get towards the end of the month. Along with a full explanation of why I gave them what points from where. Am I the only one who does this to make sure I’m being true to myself in evaluation of candidates? If not, let me know how you map it out. It is worthy to note that I cannot endorse anyone at this particular juncture. I have my leanings, and my candidates I hope to overcome their early missteps, but I have nothing concrete at this point.