In 2008, we had an election. That election was won by the person known as Barack Obama. Barack Obama came into the election season as someone who had only beaten a carpetbagger without a prayer of winning the election against him. After all, he was an extremely conservative pastor trying to run in illinois. Before that he was a state senator. Now, why is it I believe that he beat a very formidable Hilary Clinton and went on to beat John McCain? There are a few reasons I will go over here.

First, he was seen as completely above politics. He used soaring speeches to gain momentum. Second, he promised to bring transparency to government. This is something that has been lacking for a century. Third, there was a huge backlash against anything republican thanks to George W. Bush, and the perception that he was the cause of all of societies ills. Fourth, he was regularly regarded as so smart, he couldn’t fail. Fifth, he promised to listen to all sides of every issue and allow the public to see the legislation before he ever signed it and that he would listen to the feedback given in that time period.

These things I contend caused conservative independents, and moderate republicans who did not get him vetted to vote for him. Maybe also to send a message. The problem, of course, is that he is a politician. He makes John Kerry look like a transparent truth-teller. There were signs of this previous to his election that were not covered by any major media outlet. You know, the free ones that the majority of people have to watch that can’t afford cable or don’t listen to radio. First, was his past. His associations with people like Rezko, Ayers, and Jeremiah Wright. His fealty to Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals. His “private” meetings with donors where he said things like “They cling to the Bible, God, and guns.” His encounter with Joe the Plumber where he said he wanted to “spread the wealth around”, and his promise that “energy prices would necessarily skyrocket”

So, how are those five reasons that he won the election working out for us? First, he calls his political opponents “enemies” and states that “we’re gonna bring a gun to a knife fight”. He used social security as a weapon against republicans in the debt ceiling debacle. Saying that “checks will not go out” if it was not passed. (which under the law as is it is considered separate from the regular budget and thus must be paid, not to mention existing income from taxes and fees would have paid ss, medicare, military, and some government functions with no increase). So much for transcending politics, and being a “different kind of politician”.

I have not seen a single bill be posted, and they are actively doing all negotiations and bill writing in secret rooms with no cameras while attempting to not have anyone talk about any of the details from it. Not one single bill have I been able to read for 48 hours before it is signed. He runs to his desk to sign most of it. So much for transparency.

He was elected, under what I view as flawed, because of hatred of Bush, and his policies. Particularly the Iraq war, and other foreign policy views that are seen as overstretching our military. He promised to close guantanamo. He promised to bring all troops home from iraq and afghanistan in a timetable. Hows that working for you? He got us out of Iraq, but not because he wanted to. Because he was forced to by Iraq ruling that soldiers would get no immunity from prosecution under their laws. An american under that kind of law would be doomed. much for changing anything about our foreign policy. He got us into libya, alot of north africa, expanded into pakistan, meddled with egypt. There is nothing I can put my finger on different then Bush’s policies, except that he was MORE of a world’s policemen. Not sure why people are surprised. Bill Clinton was one of the biggest proponents of using the military to police the world there has ever been.

On being smart. He is only smart in a world where Keynesian theory, and socialist policies were not utter failures. Sometimes, being “intelligent” and wrong is worse then being an outright ignorant fool and being wrong. He has proven time and time again that he loses any “intelligence” he has any time he has to speak on the fly or without a teleprompter. He also loses his cool and spouts off at the mouth in these situations often.

His promise to listen to all sides of an argument or issue is laughable. As within a week of being inaugurated he said things like “we won, so I get to set the agenda” “I’m just getting the car out of the ditch, if you want to climb aboard you get to ride in the back seat” and so many more things. His one effort to try to get ideas from both sides he outright rejected and did not even attempt to pass even one recommendation from the panel he started. Man, he is such a uniter.

So in the face of this, as everyone knew before this post, I know who I will not be voting for. The next post will be assessing those that are running for the opposite ticket. Its a sad statement, but I’d rather have the term limit to president changed to three and have bill clinton in office. I would literally vote for him against Obama. I never thought in my life I could say that about anyone vs. clinton.