Nothing, and I repeat nothing angers me more then one particular argument Liberals make “in defense of their choice of abortion”. Honestly, while the fact that abortion exists outside of limited real possibilities for self defense arguments anger me it will not make me angry with you. If you are pro-choice you are wrong and in my view you are promoting the existence of genocide by your view. However, promoting the existence of genocide is at least not without precedent. Well meaning people, respected people at the time defended slavery, the spanish inquisition, the crusades. Now we look back at all three and we cannot wrap our heads around how someone can believe something so evil could ever be right. I would go more into that, but this is not my purpose here.

So here is the type of quote that will set me off. “You are a man therefore you do not understand and have no right to even have an opinion or advance your opinion on the subject”.

Now, I’m trying to blog about this as even tempered as I can, because even the thought of that phrase completely enrages me so I will do this in as polite a way as I can.

Yes, I am a man. I do not have a womb. I will never give birth to a child. Arguably some may say (wrongly) that I would never experience the amount of pain that is associated with that.

But lets look at this. It is my argument that this argument betrays a poisoned mind that is in need of a serious circumspection on everything it believes. Right after this they always go to the “you have no compassion by believing that abortion is murder.” I won’t so much go after that part of the argument as I will to expose the outright hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty inherent in that statement.

When a baby is created it happens because of an intensely intimate act that is chosen to be participated by both the man and the woman. (With the obvious exception of rape) Now, this act means nothing to many men, and is flaunted as merely recreation which I view as an abomination. But those men are not who I am talking about here. So you have a guy that intensely loves a woman. His DNA is every bit a part of the child as the mother’s DNA is. And immediately from there this man develops a bond with his child. (Not all men will, but that is completely outside of the point) So lets say this father wants to keep his child.

By stating flatly that a man has no right to even have an opinion or relevance in the narrative that is around abortion you are doing so much more then just saying that. Lets take me. Say in a parallel universe my wife was not the absolute wonder and treasure that she is.

So my wife immediately upon finding out she was pregnant was labeled a high risk pregnancy. We were a few years and better financial situation away from using adoption as our only possible avenue. I became unemployed, we lost our house & an apartment, I found out that I have a chronic condition with no cure or effective treatment. So we were broke in a bad situation with an at risk pregnancy. In our first official appointment the nurse practitioner did the ultrasound. She stopped the ultrasound abruptly and said that we HAD to come back the next day with a haunting look in her eye.Tho moment I realized what that meant I started have difficulty breathing and my mind went completely blank. I was so upset that I could not cry, and choked back the tears when they started for my wife. I did not sleep that night and I did not do anything that night. The Dr. apologized and said the n.p. had performed the ultrasound wrong and there was no signs of miscarriage. That night I thought long & in detail what the loss of the child I never thought I’d have save the grace & favor of God. It is indescribable, and it would kill a part of myself forever. Everything in the pregnancy worked out w/complications in the end and thus Lori & I have our world in our lives. His name is Noah he is slightly less then two months old.

So what if my wife and her doctor had met that day without me and they decided to have an abortion. It would have been all of what I imagined and more. Because at that point I would have to deal with the fact that my wife chose to have an abortion and end my sons life. I can’t even speculate, I would eventually forgive, I could never forget, and it would change the direction of my life irreversibly. You are going to tell me that I have no right to have an opinion? If you truly believe that I truly believe you are either a) lying to yourself in order to excuse your opinion and make it less monstrous b) sociopathic or c) You don’t give a crap about anyone but yourself. I’m sorry, but in my view from my perspective there is no other option.

So the next time you think about saying that I have no right to have an opinion on abortion because I am a man know that using any sort of compassion argument exposes yourself. And to answer the question if I have compassion for the woman who makes the choice to have an abortion the answer is I do. I understand what societal pressures are, I understand what a situation that looks to have no answer looks like, and I understand that when you divorce yourself from your conscience that it seems the easy way out in the same way that suicide is looked at as the easy way out. I also have compassion because if you have not seared your conscience to no return eventually you will look at your life and say, if I hadn’t had that abortion, I’d have this 5 year old here, maybe he/she graduates this year, maybe go to college at this point. There is no excusing it, and the psychological trauma inflicted by an abortion that is brought to the forefront by an ultrasound is proof of the barbarism of the practice. It is genocide, and as long as it stands we cannot claim any solace in God’s word, because when you are wrong, this wrong, even if you are a Christian there are consequences for your actions.

But when you use the word compassion to me, expect me to throw a giant size mirror in front of you and not mince words.