With that set done all I have to say is that I am glad that I decided to give this season a chance. After disappointment for the past 4 years for me I can say that this is no disappointment. Here is what I thought of each performer.

Reed Grimm: Reed opened the set up this week. “Moves Like Jagger” by Maroon 5 was the song. I actually thought it was a bit too predictable a choice of song, but he made it his own by slowing it down (finally learned some of the words to this song). His musical strengths show in more then just instruments but down to his muting of his voice at parts (just like adam levine) and “scatting” which was not overdone as it has been on American Idol in the past. It pulled together for a great performance.

Adam Brock: Adam sang the first of many songs that were originally sung by women. Which was always a big piece of advice that simon cowell continuously said. He was solid vocally, reached a very moving emotional performance while keeping his soulful signature.

Colton Dixon: “Decode” by Paramore is one of my favorite songs, and I was scared that would hurt my vision of what he’d do with it. It didn’t he performed well, moved well, and sang well. In these first three I don’t think they missed a single beat at all. He has a very Jason Wade type of voice (lead singer of lifehouse) but with a bit more energy really then Jason has ever shown in a song.

Deandre Brackensick: The guy is the best vocal since Adam Lambert, and probably the second best ever in idol. However, his overuse of falsetto (which I like in small doses) I think hurt him irreparably. He reminds me of another idol contestant a few years ago by the name of Jason Castro, but he takes it to another level entirely.

Creighton Fraker: Sang beautifly, but the song was incredibly safe and when you compared his reaction to those in front of him it really was quite flat. He will more then likely suffer a less then optimal vote split with Reed Grimm.

Aaron Marcellus: Did a good rendition of the jackson 5 song he picked. It must have sounded better there then on tv because I thought it was good not great.

Heejun Han: The guy oozes likability, and he really can sing, but the song choice will hurt him.

Eben Frankewicz: Great singer, but really looked shaken up there..maybe just in comparison. Sang great.

Jeremy Rosado: I’ve never fully understood his vocal appeal. He did better then I expected, but lacked eneergy & emotion throughout.

Chase Likens: Sang a great song choice very well. Was not overly impressed but vote splits favor him quite a bit.

Phillip Phillips: I disagree completely with randy jackson. I thought the changes to the melody made his song better by miles. The performance of the night looking at what the point of this night is. He defined himself very well & sounded awesome.

Joshua Ledet: Awesome arrangement and delivery had even my 2 month old son raising his hands. He sounded alot better then he did in vegas/hollywood.

Jermaine Jones: I was so glad they invited him out of the four and he did absolutely great. The sad thing is it still might not be enough and now he can’t come back if he leaves now.

My rankings
1. Phillip Phillips
2. Colton Dixon
3. Reed Grimm
4. Adam Brock
5. Jermaine Jones
6. Heejun Han
7. Joshua Ledet
8. Deandre Brackensick
9. Ebben Frankewicz
10. Creighton Fraker
11. Aaron Marcellus
12. Chase Likens
13. Jeremy Rosado

My prediction
Phillip Phillips
Colton Dixon
Reed Grimm
Adam Brock
Joshua Ledet
Judges : Deandre Brackensick