Admiral Nimitz signing the peace treaty on the Missouri

Sight from where Japan surrendered,0,6134093.story

While this is most definitely a sight, and a wonderful event to be sure it creates a personal connection to my life that I did not realize the full extent of it. I was born 42 years to the day from the day Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese dragging us into the pacific part of the war. My Grandfather would graduate from the Naval Academy and get deployed. His first deployment? Was to be the CO in charge of these very guns upon the U.S.S. Missouri. That deployment ended on the Deck of the Missouri with Admiral Nimitz signing the peace treaty ending the pacific part of World War II. My grandfathers name is Walter Earnest Saunders. He retired as a commander on the base at Boca Chica (southern Florida Keys almost to Key West). I love you Granddad and you deserve every bit of respect and honor and thanks given to you.

My Grandfather Walter E. Saunders in an SNJ Carrier Training Plane

Remember to thank a Veteran, and in this climate go out of your way to thank a currently serving military person. I'm sure they need all the reassurance that they can get in this environment. Without them, we have no chance to fight for our freedom with words.