I always knew that there were a number of people in power that are republicans that were hellbent on preserving an unending amount of power for the federal government, but the sheer number of those politically active republicans that defend it is astounding.

They always say that they are conservative and when you challenge them they either use a perversion of ronald reagan to show “they are” or say that noone can define what a conservative is so it is relative to the status quo.

At this point we are so far to the left that when you use relativity the british system could be deemed conservative.

Oh, and for any that see me as misinformed continue to talk about me on your blogs I relish being singled out by those I have dedicated my social media life to expose. If you believe what the socialist indoctrination centers have taught you I would rather it be that way.

For those who are liberal that’s fine. I even understand to an extent the logic behind your political choices. While I will work against nearly everything you stand for, at least your not calling yourself a conservative while advocating ignoring the constitution when it is advantageous to you then denigrating those who want to ignore the constitution when it is helpful to them.

Your not arguing with me when you argue the constitution you are arguing with the statements and speech’s of the founding fathers and the constitution itself. The constitution came with it a method of changing the constitution to add power to the federal government. Its called the amendment process.

That is why while I oppose a personal income tax on the basis that I believe that it is a violation  of my privacy and due process rights I will not argue that it is unconstitutional. At least it followed the protocol set by the constitution.

The founders said what they meant I really do not need to add to that for it to argue my point. Maybe you might think that you can question what the “meaning of is is” but I guarantee you if you do your no ally of the constitution and certainly not a conservative.