If ever someone wanted to make me feel like I have no vote in an electoral process it is now working. Sure, I can vote and my vote be counted in November. But in the nomination process there are a slew of things that means to me that it is pointless to vote at all.


Case #1 : While this year’s impact of this was diminished by the plethora of delegates that were assigned based on percentage of vote instead of all delegates from one state going to the candidate who won that state the idea that early primary and caucus states hold so much power to decide who is the nominee effectively eliminates the importance of votes held in late primaries.


Case #2 : Caucuses are a nightmare where someone can get 10% of the vote and still get the majority of the delegates. Although, I will say that the only people I see reporting that this has happened are from Ron Paul’s camp, but I do see how these rules can lead to it. In Mass. its supposed to be binding proportional vote delegates which Romney won all of them. Ron Paul has suspended his attempt to garner another vote, but yet is picking up delegates anyway.


Case #3 : Some states have ridiculous rules for getting on the ballot. I know “its the rules you must live by them”, but that doesn’t mean they are not broken. To have a primary in virginia leaving out all but two candidates is infuriating and embarrassing and led to me literally not having a vote in the primary. All this on a technicality and I would argue a flawed premise. Say I was active in getting signatures…I wouldn’t have been doing so for Rick Santorum (who I would have voted for) I would have been doing so for Michelle Bachmann who I ended up deciding not to vote for because she did not run a strong enough campaign to win anything. So, theoretically while I could’ve replaced one of those out of states signature takers that got thrown out, I wouldn’t have known to do so at the time. Major candidates, heck, all candidates running should be on the ballot to allow for everyone to have a vote.


Case #4 : Open primaries/caucuses. The idea that someone that is registered in the  other party can cross party lines to vote on a nomination is ridiculous.


Lets say that stuff coming out about Ron Paul winning delegates is true. What happens if somehow he did win the nomination (which he is not, it is not a mathematical possibility unless they suspend election rules) by gaining delegates when he did not win the vote for those delegates. Tell me 1.) How is that ethical. 2) How do you ever expect me to support such utter disregard for voters and 3.) I can guarantee you I would not vote for a candidate who won the delegates without being competitive in the vote totals.


What we need to do, is eliminate caucuses, make all states delegates binding for the first vote at the convention, and schedule all primaries for the same day, or we can not count the votes until all primaries are done with voting.