It is a fickle thing, the argument of both the establishment and free exercise clause of the constitution and its application to individual institutions. It becomes a tricky thing to juggle for conservatives, or at least the past day or so has shown that.  is the story that is getting attention. Now, alot of those having fits about this I’ve seen going from a 1st amendment angle. There are a few things to bring up that are flaws in the argument.

1. The student was not showing a genuine show of prayer. It was based on a five dollar bet with a friend. It is only a coincidence that what was bet about was a “prayer-like” move.

2. The school is not a public school. It is a catholic school. Catholics have several irreparable differences with evangelical Christians that are brought up by this imagery. Matter of fact, this imagery is why the catholic church is not more dominant a religion today that it was previous to the puritan/separatist movement that in a large way culminated in the founding of our country.

3. If religious institutions are viewed as individuals when it comes to rights (and I argue that they are) then they must be allowed to set up rules in such a way to reflect their religious values.

4.  While I love that Tim Tebow has increased the awareness and reach of evangelical Christianity today we must realize that quite a bit of the “tebowing” phenomena is nothing more then planking that is actually ridiculing evangelical Christianity. It is mocking. And while that mocking still leads to higher exposure and I argue the furtherance of the kingdom in the long run, it is still mocking.

So are we really saying that it is not constitutional for a private school to set up rules based on acceptable behavior inside of their school? If you are arguing that point, you do realize that adoption of this interpretation of religious freedom has far-reaching consequences that touch nearly ever sector of society changing it for the worse (in my opinion of course)? One thing I stress more then anything else, is consistency and intellectual honesty. I believe this in some individuals is showing the opposite.

Anyone want to dispute or educate me on how I’m wrong? I’m open to discussion on it, but I just don’t see the argument’s merit at all.