Shocking, isn’t it? Starting out a post comparing two players that seemingly have starkly different realities. And don’t get me wrong, Tebow is not as good a football player as Lebron is a basketball player and I do believe overall Tebow is a more principled person then Lebron is particularly from the viewpoint like mine of a Christian.

However, that does not mean that there are no similarities. The first, and easiest to acknowledge is that both athletes are heavily covered by media. Both seemingly enjoy the media attention, tho admittedly in different ways for different reasons. And these two things are what this is all about.


First, why does Tebow seem to enjoy the press coverage? Because he sees it as a vehicle to promote his faith and to further his work in missions and charity. Lebron enjoys it, mainly because of his enjoyment of fame itself, but there is also a part of him that does use it to further his charity work as well. In the end, I believe both are trying to do right inside of their world.


Lebron came up through a childhood that easily could have been an excuse to come out and be the next Dennis Rodman. He could’ve let it get to his head, being a millionaire at 18 and seen himself as invincible and landed in trouble both on and off the court. He didn’t do that. He has largely conducted himself as a professional with notable exceptions where really he just did not understand the meaning beneath what he was doing was unprofessional. I truly believe “The Decision” was a vehicle to add more to what he could do for the boys and girls club.


In my opinion, people need to realize that athletes do not control the media and stop holding such personal grudges and hatred towards them for that purpose. There are plenty of athletes to be apathetic towards, but personally, regardless of how I feel about Lebron’s choices in the past I will always give him the benefit of the doubt. Why? Because he truly seems like he is an overall good guy. Flawed? Absolutely, everyone is flawed. Imagine if all your worst mistakes were broadcast on live TV. I truly tire of the endless hatred of both players, and I challenge you to not find hatred in you’re heart but to look at the good. Criticize the bad, but love the good and love the person. If a person shows malice and ill intent, then call them on it. But if there is no evidence of malice or ill intent, you have to look at the good or you will live life as nothing more then a cynic. I can’t imagine living like that personally.