Think of your favorite color. What is it? When did you decide on it? Its actually quite a funny question, because I can sit here and tell you all day why I picked my favorite color, but its not something I could ever sit down and say “Hey, I decided aqua was my favorite color on my 5th birthday!” Everyone who knows me past a certain point knows that my favorite color is Dolphin aqua. (The kind currently on their uniforms which is the same as their 80’s uniforms, not the green/teal they wore in the mid 90’s forward) Is picking  your favorite color a decision? Well, yes, picking is synonymous with decision.

Thinking of everyone I know, I have very few friends/relatives that have changed their favorite color. In every situation I can think of, the change in color coincided with a significant life event that made a color take on a whole different meaning. Of course, there are examples of those who never really developed a favorite color. These are those that seem to change it every other week with fashion and culture dictating it, or other external factors.

This morning I decided to wake up. I decided to get dressed. I decided to get in my car and go to work. I decided to follow my work restrictions as humiliating as rolling around in a MartCart all day is when your job description is supposed to be what mine is. My nature is to like sleep. My nature is to sit around in my pajama’s all day. My nature tells me that I don’t like my job enough to enjoy going to work. My nature is such that the idea of today’s day of work would be humiliating and frankly every fiber of my being did not want to do it. Yet, I counteracted my nature by my decision making.

So what if I had woke up and did things differently? What if I did those different things consistently over a long period of time? What if I stopped denying the area’s of my nature that would hurt me and my family in the long run? What would that look like? Ok, so on day one…so what? Maybe the first day I slept in too long and became late to work. Maybe the day after that I just decided to go to work, but man I am real tired of following my work restrictions and I got fired for it. Maybe after that I allowed my nature telling me to stay in my pajama’s all day to take over every day. Eventually I will no longer be making conscious decisions at all. But am I no longer making the decision? I certainly am making a decision.

Sin works no different then any other part of human nature. Every human’s nature is to sin, and each human have their own vice’s in their own unique intensity and variety. Are human beings on average monogamous by nature? No. Are human beings on average prone to practice chastity and virtue? No. A person who embraces their nature is still choosing to embrace their nature.

Be very careful of embracing your human nature fully. There is a reason that we are called to deny our fleshly desires outlined as sinful behavior. It leads to a loss of control over your decision-making processes. We become a slave to our nature. We become that which the evolutionist swears we are, nothing other then an animal with advanced communication capabilities. But we do have one capability that other animals both do not have, and have no need of. The ability to deny our nature and act according to Godly principles. The ability never ensures its ease. if things are coming easy for you then you are either in a rare state of relationship with Christ, or something is wrong. You should be able to see your decisions behind you. See where you denied your nature.

Make a habit to force yourself to see what decisions you make daily. It does not take forever for a behavior to become like your favorite color, nearly impossible to change. It starts with the realization that you are human, and that these behaviors are not beneficial for you in the long run. Your relationship with Christ covers your sins, but sins can still drag you down while you are still on earth. Don’t concentrate on your nature, concentrate on the choices you make every day. Concentrating on your nature will lead you down a path of exasperation that can, and will lead you to violate your principles.

There is nothing in your life that is not a choice someone made.