After seeing a long list of complaints about the Affordable Care Act (which I prefer to call Obamacare) by professing conservatives on a local news facebook page I have decided that this post is necessary. Do we really expect to win the support of people who we denigrate and call vicious (and mostly untrue) names? The point of this is not to deny the abuses. The point of this is not to say that the people that “conservatives” talk about do not exist. The point of this is to show what I consider hypocrisy in all too common conservative talking points.


The  only people who need “insert entitlement program here” are those that are too lazy to get off their bum and work.


In this particular case the program was Obamacare. Everyone knows that I am against Obamacare and have been one of the most outspoken proponents of being more aggressive in trying to uproot the program and keep it from germinating. Lets go over the facts of who Obamacare was supposedly intended to help, and those that assume that  the legislation will help them. In order to qualify for Obamacare you must make at least 100% of poverty level. By definition if you make more then poverty level you are working. The average person who makes poverty level type money are retail workers, many of them young, some even with full college educations and student loans to pay off. Many of these people have the will to work and the qualifications to work at a higher level of pay, but those jobs are not available right now.

Now, a conservative argument is that liberal policies hurt the jobs market and create an atmosphere where every job opening has hundreds of applicants. I believe this argument is true. My question to those who continually put down those that don’t make much money and who are seen as needing help to pay basic bills such as health care is how is it consistent to both say that liberal policies are having an adverse effect on the middle class and poor and also say that those that are lower middle class and poor are lazy bums who are fully loyal to the democrat party? To me, neither can be true in full without the other being false.


Want to know why conservatives are looked at as being completely apathetic and for the rich? Because we don’t fight for those that are hurt by the policies we abhor in their perception. Why this perception? Because people don’t care about what you know or what you can do for them until they know you care about them. If you don’t care about them they are going to question your motives, and be cynical about just who you are trying to help. As no one can help someone by insulting them.