After Season 6×08 of the series “The Mentalist” it has been made abundantly clear that I held an incorrect perception of the role and magnitude of what I believed to be the foundational character of “Red John” actually was. Bruno Heller went to great lengths to make him seem like he was merely an inherently flawed, perverted sociopath with delusions of grandeur. That he was scared of death to the point he actually called 9-1-1 right before he was killed. Instead of rehashing my list of disappointments in the episode I am going to take the story from the closure of the CBI.

We start out with Patrick Jane in the church. He’s just sitting there, but as he is sitting there menacing music plays (organ heavy but similar to past red john themes) as you hear Bertram and Jane talking on the phone earlier. As the conversation ends you see Gale Bertram walk in the side door and pulls a gun on jane then they have a conversation similar to what actually happened in the episode losing the “I don’t know who Red John is” and the “I’m just a foot soldier”. Bertram believes he actually was calling the shots as RJ’s right hand man. When he gets to the “loose ends” part of his speech you are looking at Patrick Jane and hear a gun go off. You quickly switch to Bertram who says “who?” and watch him fall over and die, just as it happened in the show itself. As soon as he thuds, the camera switches to Thomas McAllister who says “Hi, Patrick” and Jane says “Hi” and cuts to commercial.

Coming back from commercial break they would cut to the farm. The farm where the Red John Smiley first showed up. In this, the first murder connected to Red John it would show Tom McAllister and Ray Haffner where Haffner says “I was sent here by Brett Stiles to fix this”. Fade from that back to the church. Going into Red John and Jane’s talking back and forth. Jane not giving McAllister what he wanted. Largely following the show at this point. When he says “You probably have a lot of questions for me, we have time if you want.” A flash of the smilie over his child’s bed, flash to bosco dying, a flash to a catatonic kristina frye, then back to Jane’s line about “pathetic delusions of grandeur”. At the end of “thats why your wife and kid are dead” a flash to him in the scene where he called out red john (none of the scenes have sound just the continuance of music). I would keep the pigeon flying in his face, but it would be a flash, not have him screaming like a baby but rather backing off and distracted. Just enough for jane to pull the gun. Jane would not shoot at that point, but stand at advantage with Red John still armed. It would cut to a passed out Brett Stiles on the couch, then to a scene between Stiles and McAllister some time after the barn incident had happened. Stiles would say “you are dangerous to my flock, and you are not welcome here.” A henchmen (maybe cordero?) would come in to the church with a gun at that point, but at a bad angle. As this person comes into view, McAllister had laid down his gun because of Jane’s advantage knowing he would come in. Henchmen takes a shot, but it misses jane. As the shot is fired McAllister starts running. Quick cut to a car waiting for Red John on the other side of the graveyard area. He knew that it was likely that the FBI would catch up to Jane if they stayed at the church so he had planned ahead. While running for his car, Jane catches up to him. Shoots him non-mortally, but enough to knock him down. Cut to commercial break.


From the commercial, I would show a bunch of clips of nothing but red john smily faces. Then quick hits of McAllister with Rosalind Harker, then with Lorelei Martins, then with the psychiatrist. Then showing the death of lorelei, then cut to the psychiatrist screaming. Then cut to a scene that would explain the bombs. Have Red John say that “you are not a murderer”, and Jane retort, you should know better then that as he put his hands to his neck. A flash of McAllister at the mall watching Jane and Carter talking. The blinking was good, but have him say no to both questions. Make it a little harder for Jane to finish the job. End the show exactly how it ended.


You could have some of the same scenes interspersed throughout, but less is more with the CBI team in this episode unless you wanted to make it two hours. The only important parts were the “your boyfriend” conversation and the team standing up to Abbott and getting arrested. Would this solve every question? No. Do I really have a suggestion to figure out how the list was figured in this episode? No. But I guarantee you I would be fully appreciative of this episode had it been closer to what I had in mind. keeping most of what happened with only small, short cutscenes and cutting out the craziness about red john being afraid to die.