On another sleepless night I find myself thinking about the last eight years of my life. The people I have met while becoming more politically active. The division in conservatism that I see in plain sight. Its time for us to realize that these things are not minor. These things don’t even cross the threshold of “I agree with you 80% of the time”, and it is a lie of epic proportions sold to us over eons of a two party system that two parties could ever represent us. You see a problem with the nomination process. I do too. Its time for us to finally talk about it.



For years I’ve seen the stats. I’ve seen the self identification of “conservative” stay steady at between 38-42%. I’ve seen up to 15% of self identified conservatives vote for democrats. I’ve never fully understood it, but early on I pointed a few things out that have played themselves out quite nicely today. I detailed what conservatism was, and how many of those self identified conservatives were so far out of step with what it was.

This year we have seen it play out. This year has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the republican party has no prayer of keeping together everyone currently under it. Guess what? It shouldn’t. Same thing for the democratic party. Jim Webb and Bernie Sanders belong to the same party? Thats patently absurd. Donald Trump and Ted Cruz belong to the same party? Thats just as absurd as the former.

So you do not like the rules of the nomination party of the republican party. Ok, go start your own party with people who agree with you on most issues and challenge the republican party….oh wait. You really can’t. There are funded parties who already exist who have nearly zero prayer of getting double digits in support in a national election much less be a viable alternative to the current two parties in power.

Why exactly is that? What makes the republican party or democratic party so powerful that no one can touch them? Rules have been established to inch them closer and closer to being actual arms of the federal government. Automatic ballot qualification in all 50 states if they hit a certain threshold of the vote in the state. Differing rules on signatures required for candidates then for third party candidates. Beneficial tax rules. Public cooperation with the idea that these parties can represent us adequately even while they prove without any doubt they cannot do so.

The parties like to point out the fact that they are private entities when they defend their right to choose the candidate of their choosing whenever it is possible for them to do so. Then, I see all these people advocating for the parties being further entrenched in the government as a means to control the parties and make elections “more fair” and my favorite “more democratic”. At one time…I really thought it was an exclusively liberal idea that democracy was favorable over a republic and I still think it is. Calls for the electoral college being eliminated.

So lets make them private organizations. Standardize all political rules. Stop controlling individual contributions directly to candidates and parties. End the automatic qualification for ballot access for all parties. Make each party do exactly the same amount of work as everyone else. In short, completely deregulate it in an attempt to foster competition and viable party structures.

If I ran a party all state elections would occur on the exact same date on the calendar. The elections would be done through a caucus type system that is widely known and promoted. End the calendar manipulation that until this go round made Iowa and New Hampshire so much more important then the end. In the event no candidate gets 50% of the vote, those elected as delegates to vote for their candidate would participate in a runoff election at the convention.

If we were to end the entrenchment of the two party system we would see more civic participation. The ability to work together on issues without the incessant demand for loyalty on things we disagree with. Most importantly we would be able to fashion a government that actually represents our people instead of the farce that our current two party system has become which we were warned of by our first president.

His words are unfolding before us today. So lets talk party politics. Lets talk about how we can fix the problems you are seeing without making the problem worse.