This was almost 4 years ago. Nothing has changed yet everything has changed. Problems with the two party system are being revealed yet all the solutions I hear would only entrench them further even if it happened to change them slightly for the better. Its time to stop pretending that two parties can represent this vast country and its time to do something about it.


In my life, the first game-changer was the realization of being a father. It made me seek out a voice to further those things I believe in. It becomes much more real when you become a father. I always had significant ideas about how government should get out of our way…to increase freedom and decrease dependency on a huge bureaucracy that proves every day just how ineffective and corrupt it is. So I decided to become significantly more active at that point. Laying out arguments for what policies could improve this country we live in. Going all in with a party that I don’t trust, because I see significant good in segments of that party that I thought could be empowered and those that I see as the problem in the party be removed. I continued believing that this was the best, maybe only way to effect change. Then, after I predicted…

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