I have to tell you that the phrase in the title makes me more then a little angry. Why is that? Because perceptively and logically its the truth.

The reality is that no conservative could ever create Obamacare, or the “Affordable Care Act” because the very essence of its existence stands contrary to the principles in which conservatism gains its political existence.

Why then is it so logically and perceptively true if its a lie? Because we, by situational ethics and fear of speaking out against the opposition party that pretends to represent us we have allowed public perception of what conservatism is to be so perverted that its now taken hold inside of self-identified conservatives that that is the definition of conservatism.

Great source proving the Heritage Foundation was the father of Romneycare which was the father of Obamacare.

Everyone thinks this is some sort of one off mistake made by an otherwise conservative foundation. In many ways they are right. The Heritage Foundation is by and large a conservative group. However, it is not alone in its foundational nature of the current public perception of what conservatism is.

The idea that led to this has always existed in both parties, but it was George W. Bush’s platform of “compassionate conservative”. The idea is of a “public-private partnership” that has been found in so many sectors of the economy. Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Sally Mae, many jails and prisons, to the project of expanding tunnel capacity in my home area.

The idea is to allow for the government to still have a lot of control over the area in the partnership, but to allow for a private entity to come in and do it with the promise of profits. This would keep them with an interest in not wasting money and in the end save the government money. Its truly a nice thought in theory, unless you are dealing with a corrupt government that gives these out with no bid contracts and holds the other side of the partnership to no accountability. It also allows that private business to be able to control government as it has a prime stake in the continuance of its cash cow.

This is a grand example of the thought process that leads to fascistic style governance. In European terms… this is what is considered to be conservative. On the left, or liberal, side you have those who believe the government should control these factors directly. On the right, or conservative, side you have those that believe the government should control this indirectly through a partnership with private enterprise. Both are in essence different forms of the same thing.

In this way, it is also logical to state that to many millions who automatically assume governmental (federal) control over the economy and our lives that those who establish these types of programs are conservatives. This, to a great many, perceptively means that Barack Obama has governed conservatively. His signature achievements have not relied on direct government control, but rather indirect control by empowering large corporations to be able to assume that control with the governments subsidy and blessing.

So, what caused the proliferation of liberal ideals and the diminishment of conservative influence that ended up with us nominating a European Rightist for the GOP Presidential nomination? The fact that we, as conservatives, have for decades just allowed the opposition party to ignore us to the point where our vote has become a guarantee. Then, like a frog, we are cooked thoroughly by slowly raising the temperature until some do not even see that they’ve become what they stood against, while others sit around angered at the pure ignorance that so much of the conservative movement is openly embracing leftist top down federal government solutions that they find themselves at a tipping point that means that continuing to support an opposition that opposes very little I oppose is more then just pointless, it renders my voice powerless.

We’ve already made the mistakes that have led us here. There is only one way to get out. Its not going to be easy and its going to get much worse before it gets better, but the only way to win is to actually start fighting for the principles we believe will save the country and give equality to all in opportunity, not in results.

By voting for Donald Trump for president, you are essentially continuing the narrative that Barack Obama has governed as a fiscal conservative. It doesn’t matter that it isn’t true if you can’t refute it by showing what conservatism is.