Married to the love of my life, Lori, and soon my son Noah will be gracing us with his presence. I’m a 27 year old passionate conservative.
While I am most active politically you will find a range of different topics in here from what I like or have been watching on TV, what type of music I currently am into and how I feel about it, fantasy football, personal stories that I feel like telling, or just about anything I come up with.
If you link to my page I will link to yours as well as long as there is nothing objectionable about it. I’m a huge Dolphins fan, Marlins fan, and a fan of universities in Florida. I currently reside in Virginia and have for quite some time now.
Don’t be afraid to comment civilly on any post, as while I may not agree with you I find myself learning something nearly every time I have a debate or discussion. It forces me to go back and reinforce or disprove the things that I believe. I love this country and would like to see it return to what it should be.