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I am a part of a facebook group dedicated to the passage of HR 25. This group is very focused, organized, and unified in their effort. Or at least, they were prior to recent developments. For those that do not know, HR 25 is the Fair Tax Bill. I am for a switch to a consumption tax. It would be either my top preferred or second preferred option (I really like the flexibility given in the apportionment tax that puts the power to state governments). I am in the midst, still, of evaluating the actual bill. 


Recently, a few of the major supporters of this bill have announced their intention to stop promoting the bill for a time. The reason given is that the message needs to be simplified to have any impact on the electorate. I agree with this assessment. I have attempted to explain what I know about the Fairtax as it stands, and while it is simple in itself, it is complicated to explain to someone who does not have a basic understanding of different tax structures and they often get stuck on various changes that would happen compared to our current system. So the rallying cry that these leaders want to move to is simply “Repeal the 16th Amendment” which, consequently would be necessary in order to have any staying power to the fairtax itself. It is actually in HR 25 as a provision that if the 16th is not repealed in a specified amount of time the bill lapses. 


This makes sense. People are at an all time high of not trusting the I.R.S. in particular. To beat that drum might make some headway. However, the group is split and those opposed to this strain of thought are very virulent in their outright opposition. Mind you, the goal is not any different then it was previously. The tactics have changed, but that is all that has changed. 


Then you have politicians that are publicly Fairtax supporters who have been voicing support for a flat tax. These politicians have been called traitors by the group. Openly ridiculing and saying that they are political opportunists. These politicians still voice a preference for the fair tax. They are still working for the passage of the fairtax. 


The essence of the fair tax movement was the belief that the IRS was corrupt, and its existence a major obstacle to individual liberty. This is a belief that I, as well, have. I, however, believe the ridicule and lack of support for progress towards our goal is shortsighted. We have behaved this way on every major issue in the past century. It has not worked. 


On the other side of the coin, the progressive agenda has flourished. Why has it flourished? Because it started in the culture. It started with small steps. Saul Alinsky wrote in his book “Rules for Radicals” that you must “nudge before you can push”. Progressives have fought the war in culture. They have entrenched themselves in education, and in literature, music, movies. They slowly changed the outlook of the average American on nearly every issue you can think of. Why were they successful? They didn’t say “If we can’t have a living wage we will oppose all other changes to the minimum wage”. They didn’t say “If we can’t have full unionization we will oppose any bill to increase union representation in government and the private sector”. They didn’t say “If we can’t have confiscatory high taxes we will reject any tax increase”. They didn’t say “If we can’t regulate every area of American life we will oppose any new regulation”. 


They didn’t accomplish those things by demanding their way and only their way. They accomplished it by maintaining the goal (which they are close to realizing) and advancing their goals in any way possible. 


So, how does this apply to the fair tax movement? Easy. What are the biggest objections to a consumption tax? Mortgage deduction, regressive taxation, etc. What are the problems we have with the current system? Allows for gross governmental power. Is overly confiscatory. Compels more spending. So, thinking about the long game, does supporting a tax reform similar to Mitt Romney’s 3 tiered system with streamlining help advance the cause? Absolutely yes. Does supporting a 2 tiered system like the one advanced by Paul Ryan advance the cause? A little more then Romney’s did. Does supporting a flat tax like the one Gingrich supported? Yes, a little more then Ryan’s did. Does supporting 9/9/9 advance the cause? Yes. 


So when I see the demonization of politicians who are trying to move the ball down the court by the side that should be working with them it makes me cringe. It is like they fail to realize that the average politician supports the status quo. If we can significantly streamline the tax code in any way..I will help to push that through. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stop there. This idea of “all or nothing is the best way” is not only misguided. I can prove historically that it does not work. Particularly when you do not deal with the culture first. 


In the end, a politician is good to me if he does work to progress us towards a better governance. Towards a ban on abortion. Toward states rights. There are so precious few politicians even trying to advance the ball, please don’t ridicule those out there attempting to actually make a difference. 


Songs from the past

Rescued from livejournal. Important to note these were from a very long time ago.



The night it happened to you
It happened to me all over again
The realness of pain hit me like it never had before
Its in my past, but it hurts you now

My past is not a pretty one
Not full of laughter and smiles there
The freshness in mind tells me why you feel this way
Its not your past, it’s the past that’s mine

Now you feel how I felt
And I hate it all the more today
The truth is I hate it, but I know you must go through
The trial there is to find yourself

The trial is long and hard
I had to face it alone at night
Because noone understand the pain I felt, and noone could
But I know the pain, I felt it rain

Your smile captured me
It threw your web and pulled me in
Now I long to see that smile again, and want to be the one within
But I know you can’t right now

It’s easy for me to say I’ll be there
But I know its hard for you to accept
Right now it seems the world is wrong, and theres none to trust
And honestly I don’t blame you

However long it may be
Let me just explain to you that
I will be here through the rain and hope to see the sun rise again
Cause a sun rose within myself


I don’t know whats going on anymore
Feels like where I go I go it alone
To feel the lack of an embrace
Feels like more than I can take

I wish I knew who I was
I wish I saw just what it takes
I wish I knew how to find it
I wish I saw just how to

I see you but I don’t know what to do
It’s like I’m in another place
You’re so perfect it scares me
But are you really there

I wish I knew who I was
I wish I saw just what it takes
I wish I knew how to find it
I wish I saw just how to….

Ride the wave to the end of the day
Can I find the perfection that seems to hard to make
Is it worth the risk of dying
Inside where there is so much hurt

Perfection strains to be a part
But can it really be true
Can it be that life is meant to be that good
Will I ever feel that life?

I wish I knew who I was
I wish I saw just what it takes
I wish I knew how to find it
I wish I saw just how to seize the day.


So the people say to be myself
But who am I?
I have left so long I wonder
If all of me has died.

Do you really want me to be myself?
Or do you want me to be who you think I am?
Do you love the me that live inside
Or are you in love with the person you made in your mind?

Time is passing, people changing
There is no way to tell me who I am
Life is going, love is fading
There is no way to change the way it is

So you say you love me
But who am I?
Is it me you long to love
Or is it just the act


Your love tortures me, from the depths of my soul I know the quaint reality but it’s captured me. Love so real you’ll never know, love so deep you cannot go, its too far from reality, but this love tortures me.

I will give you my all, everything I own I’d give to you, more than romeo to juliette to you I give. I would starve myself to fit, hate myself to love, kill myself to live more of you.

The pang of hurt again is felt, the love I know is there must be hidden away, Hidden away from yourself, and you wish for me the same. I love you so I will, but this love I have will torture my heart to the depths of the deep.


As I sit here I wonder how it is I feel that I
Have left the world of God and grace for a life felt left behind.
The surest of things fail to safe the horror of a lie
Has left me now with none to say, but what am I to cry
Deceit and lies can hold you down
When you thought they were now
A choice not made to turn the page
When the battle is all a lie
From here to there I see your face
Of the ones I left behind
There’s no more time to read the fate
Of the battles only crime
The things felt less then commonplace
Fit in all in line
When the world you know is shattered by
A deceit held with a lie
The ones you think you know the most
May try hard to keep you near
Problem is you realize
You’re not their best to find
Here I come to turn the page
Or feel my heart decry
The legend of a changing face
Of a life Ive failed to find


As I sit here in the corner of a room at the bottom of the world
So that I can only see the light from the other end of the world
Sometimes only darkness can make the light seem bright
When all you do is crawl in the bottom of a place not to love

Live the day to make it go away
Love the life to make it seem better.
Run the race to keep it burning brighter
From the life of unsurpassed grief

Things in life refracted, tho their never retracted
You think you see one thing, but its just light refracted to set it up.
I cry to just laugh some more, I laugh just to cry
It doesnt matter when or where or why


So you say that Im your hero
That the beginning ends with me
I live to see the pride in your eyes,
But in me you will not see it.

Its only a matter of time til I
I will scare you too
Truth is that Im no hero,
Thats just what I wish to be.

As long as you look
Perfection is not me
As long as you think
All I will be is disgrace

Could you come and save the hero
OR are your eyes to blind to see
That Im sinking in the sand you think your in
When in truth, its solid ground.

Im sinking, its past my knees, but you have no eyes to see
I reach out, grasp at the air I breathe, but it lets me down


Why should I care about something thats left me behind
Why should I love the things that have no remorse
For the things that happened, that cut out the rind
For the people who showed me, caring is so much worse

Could I let you back in my life
You, the cause of all my strife
Could you tell me what it is
To love the one that deserted you.

Will you love me? Or should I just hang it up
Try again another day, many fish in the sea
But no fish can match the likes of you
Besides, I can see through you in your eyes

You see through me like noone can
Myself I cannot find, but you found me
Tell me why I cant help but fall
Into your arms again

The one thing you never gave the chance,
May be the one thing you want the most.


Can I contemplate the pain you feel,
Can I show you what I feel tonight?
Is there a way to describe what it is to be stripped?
Of one loved so much by all

He cries to see his own suffer
In the end, we will go home
Suffer to understand that this life was not a loss
Again, she will be home

The pain is felt from all around
Time heals, but wounds scar
Live to see another day
A day that God has given

God will use the worst of things
To come to be the best of things
You may never see the plan in his mind
But I promise it will be true


When I wake up I seem to find
The best of life was left behind
Troubles of today seem to decay
Every reason you have to go on

It’ll get better if you hold
To things you know wont leave you cold
Things will get better if you know
But maybe you can’t see

Screams in the night
Run the powerful to their knees
In the dark of night
Life turns cold and dark

Hold the secrets of the day
In the dark it’s lost its way
Look for the flare in the eyes
Of those who do not know

When the lights go out
The things in life, they change
Reality is seen here
When the world won’t look for it


Don’t Push

As I sit here in the corner of my room
My mind drifts to things unknown
From the past Ive come to be known
Day by day spell out my doom

As I walk this road seems I walk it alone
From time to time you’ll show up, but
I wish you would grow up
Naivity doesn’t look good on you

Let me go to find myself
Dont push me in the way you want
That is why Im here
I do what Im pushed to
And I lost myself
Just get off my back

If you care about me
Then walk with me
Dont you try to push me
Cause Ive seen the last of that

On the Horizon

Past so far is all my strife
Ive looked to get past this life
This is the best shot I have
Lead me from a broken home to your own

Dreams of blue horizons stick in my head
One day you’ll understand your all I want
Dream of the night sky, you’ll see me there

On the horizon is where you are
I find ecstacy in this dream
Of you being here with me

My past so dark you cannot see
Do you see the emptiness inside of me
This is the best shot I have
Lead me from this darkened room into your own

Our past is past we cannot stay
Future can be clear and true today
This is the best shot we have
Lead us from our past to find our home.

Cry of Morning

Dreams drowning you today
You wish that they are here to stay
The cry of morning as you wake
Remind you that what you saw, was just a dream

Just a dream it fades away
Takes you far away from where you are
Leads you to a better day
Cry of Morning shows the path your on

Cry of morning change in time
For my dream to be to mine
My hope in life til the day
My dreams and life are one
Cry of morning keep in line
So I know how to look
To make my dreams come true
In the deepest part of you


From this day forth until my life could be
Closer to what it should be, in your eyes
I may not be who you believe I should be
Closer to myself but to love another

You will understand this stranger beside you
The more you see the less you know
You will never know me
It is not a matter of wrong or right
Love is all I have, or I have no breath life
I will always love you

Misunderstood is what I am
Created inside in the cold, where I feel
But yet I am warm nonetheless
I want to show the love Ive never known

No more

Find a way to proudly say
There are no more tears in me
Addiction had a hold on me
I will learn one day to beat it

I search the world for someone
Who understands and believes in me
But none have gone through or begun
To understand that which they do not see

I’ll believe in you, please believe in me
Together we’ll get through, eventually
All you have to do is believe

I found you, believe in you
With you here I found I believe
You know what it is to perceive
That something has a hold on you

Stories told as life unfolds

Can you tell me how to find
The one to last all time
Will you reach out for me
When all I see is pain?

Can you love me still today
Can you promise to still stay
When all else fades away
Can you love me?

The play unfolds with stories told
The life that seemed so simple
Turn to be complicated
Yearning for normalcy


Lost inside a whirlwind
Where I always end up in the end
Everything I know is doubted
And I have to start again

Tell me its over, please tell me its over
The nightmare that will not go away
Tell me its over, please tell me its over
It seems so real, is it real?

Lord help me for I am falling again
Falling down so low to the ground
Things change and people change so quickly
Now I have to start again

Start again, must I start again
I hate this change, must it stay?
I love and I lose, but would you stay?

Tell me its over, please tell me its over
This nightmare will not go away
Tell me its over, please tell me its over
It seems so real, please tell me its not.


As he raises his hand you begine to understand
That no love is worth the hate that you feel
Now you’re running out of pain
And all these feelings feel the same
So you close your eyes and wish it all away

And I lie awake and I try to say
Anything I know just to ease your pain
But you hide away where no one can see
And its only you you that can set you free

Now the time has come again
So you reach deep down within
To find the strength that you have buried there
As you turn to walk away you can still hear him say
You’ll never make it in this world alone

You try to fight (you try to fight)
You hide the pain (you hide the pain)
You walk away (never again)


Yeah, its alot.

Culture of Constitutionalism

If you were to live your life over again would you eliminate the hard things in life from it? Is there no value to things that the world looks at as terrible and unfair? What is the answer to childhood bullies? Why does childhood bullying exist? What should we do about it?

My life is pretty much an open book, my hesitance to use past stories about myself have to do with not wanting other people’s lives out there that may not want details to be out there, and quite frankly I come from such a small school and background that pretty much everyone would be able to recognize immediately who is who. After today’s events on Jessica Chasmar’s (on facebook and @jessicachasmar on twitter) post on facebook and twitter and its reaction I felt that I must put something down on this. I have extensive experience in the subject.

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She is brave, but she is not alone. God’s forgiveness encompasses all. Choose life.

TN Smart Girl


On the 40th anniversary of Roe V Wade in 2013, I tweeted out a reply to a post about the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. I was asked the question “what is your story” regarding my passion for prolife ministry to women (and men) who are suffering as a result of a past abortion. It’s a long story, but I cannot think of a more appropriate day to share it. Again.

This is what started the conversation: ‘Celebrate choice on Twitter today. Use #Tweet4Choice to tell your story of why you’re #prochoice. We’ll be RTing your stories all day’. It was posted by NARAL Pro-Choice America, formerly the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws, then National Abortion Rights Action League, and later National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League, an organization that engages in political action to oppose restrictions on abortion and expand access…

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Its an old cliche’ I know, but I can’t really find a better way to put the reason that I am doing this better than the “straw that broke the camels back”. I’m not talking about the election which was the bulk of the reason. I’m talking about the Sandy Hook shooting. I heard about it in the car listening to the radio on my way in to work. I seriously, after hearing about it a couple times, kept turning the radio off and then back on. I could not handle what I was hearing. My son is only one, and in 3 years unless I homeschool I will have to deal with the fact that I will be putting him in the hands of people that are strangers in a school setting.

School settings ooze a feeling of safety. Sure, there have been mass killings in schools, but its very rare moment that always catches people off guard. Outside of the inner city and other undesirable locations where no place feels safe to anyone it almost seems like a sanctuary that even evil people will stay away from. Every few years we have had an incident that proves that safety is simply a mirage. A false sense of security. No situation exposes it more then this shooting in an elementary school.

As tough; as hard as this reality is to deal with I was confronted with yet another reality that led me to my conclusion. The standard gut reaction to this type of event has changed in my lifetime. When I was thirteen I went to a summer camp. The summer camp’s name was Triple R Ranch. Its a rather high profile Christian camp in the Pungo a+rea of Virginia Beach. I almost hesitate to give the name of the camp because of the current political climate, but more people stumble onto their website and go to their camps every year then this will likely be seen by. They had a class that you could take that taught you how to handle a Rifle. They still have that class. I’m somewhat surprised, but knowing the leadership of the camp (which I fully recommend personally based on my experience and the leadership consistency in the camp leading to consistent performance and handling of a camp) maybe I am not all that surprised.

Some may be shocked. “They are letting 12 year olds handle a gun?” Why is that shocking? Why is that looked at as negative? You don’t have to look very hard to find out that schools even actively taught gun handling and safety. It teaches respect. It shows what it does in a real setting. Many people are blaming video games. I won’t go that far. There is a problem when the child is not able to separate fantasy from reality, and that is why I would not ever let my child play a game like that until he could talk intelligently enough and be able to learn about the purpose of guns in reality and what happens. I see five year olds playing Call of Duty. I have no problem with Call of Duty. Its not an evil thing to simulate war, and I would even consider it instructive on reality as long as the child realizes the differences between reality and the fantasy world it makes up.

So my question for you is what is the answer? Is more gun control the answer? Is regulating private sales the answer? Is making it a crime to allow a child to play a game that is rated a higher age then they are? Should we increase gun control just on those who have mental illnesses? I do not believe any of those are the answer. I believe that there is no easy answer. Human knowledge always tries to explain things and break things down to where it can be comprehended and regulated. They want an easy answer. Its just not there.

Are there things we can do? Sure. One minor thing we can do is to re-evaluate the direction of architecture in building new schools when they are built. I understand the reasoning for the open floor plan with very few choke points. I mean, kids are stressed out at school enough to be dealing with the sort of congestion that the old schools caused. I believe that we should have choke points, and the ability to be able to close off 2/3 of the school with exits on both sides of each section of the school. It is notable that this would likely have not changed the results of the previous tragedy but if someone wanted to go through an entire school or seek out a specific section of the school it could be useful.

I also believe that we can institute a state by state program to protect the kids. Armed guards do not always work, but if my kid is in the school I would much rather be that then anything. The thing that I am for though, is a state by state program that is similar in form to the U.S. Marshall service on airplanes. An extensive background check and mental health check would be necessary as well as it being a purely voluntary program. See, I believe that this creates a mystery about who and where the person having a gun has. If you don’t know where the gun is you do not know what area to avoid. An Armed Guard can be avoided.

Let me know how crazy I am if you wish 🙂

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Contemplating the future….

In my life, the first game-changer was the realization of being a father. It made me seek out a voice to further those things I believe in. It becomes much more real when you become a father. I always had significant ideas about how government should get out of our way…to increase freedom and decrease dependency on a huge bureaucracy that proves every day just how ineffective and corrupt it is. So I decided to become significantly more active at that point. Laying out arguments for what policies could improve this country we live in. Going all in with a party that I don’t trust, because I see significant good in segments of that party that I thought could be empowered and those that I see as the problem in the party be removed. I continued believing that this was the best, maybe only way to effect change. Then, after I predicted that Mitt Romney, a good guy but truly a wishy washy moderate who would say anything to get elected who I never trusted (read many posts on the subject here) lost after I predicted that he was the most likely candidate to lose to Barack Obama, lost even in my home state after my reading of the electorate as being at least a minimal Romney win if not a Romney convincing win in the fashion Obama actually won by made me reevaluate everything.


If after the assault on everything our constitution stands for; the passage of Obamacare, the executive order changing immigration policy, the co-opting of the auto industry, the push for cap and trade through a department after failing to pass it through congress etc. If after that we still voted to re-elect the man responsible for these actions I must take a step back and look for reasons why I was wrong. So here are the reasons I believe I was wrong.


First: I believe that I underestimated the already building distrust of the republican party particularly after the nomination of Mitt Romney. I saw it every day on twitter..those conservatives who erroneously claimed that there is no difference between the parties and that a vote for Romney could even be construed as worse then Obama because he claimed to be a conservative in the primaries. While I believe that the claims were erroneous I do not for a second believe they have no merit. There is a difference between the republican party and the democrat party. A pretty big difference for most republicans with some notable exceptions. Even Mitt Romney, at his most liberal as governor of Mass. has clear differences from the democratic party, particularly the new democratic party mainstream. However, both parties believe in growing government. Both parties believe some gun control is necessary. The republican party, while being outwardly pro-life at most levels has never taken any real action in federal politics to limit access to abortion. They both support a progressive income tax and speak in class warfare terminology. Neither party has a problem with the status quo on the federal entitlement state, one wants to increase it, the other merely intends to fix it. So is there merit to their claims? Absolutely. Was I willing to re-elect Barack Obama because of these claims? Absolutely not.


Second: I believe that most, including myself, believed that libertarians/ron paul supporters would eventually come around on voting for Romney because of the alternative was so bad on so many levels. My guess is that a significant number of them either did not vote, voted third party, or even potentially voted for Barack Obama. For a reason why if a true Libertarian was to be on the ticket that I am not sure I would be able to vote for him. When voting for a president the thing that the president has most control over is national defense/homeland security/trade relations activities. Thus, in a presidential election the candidates views on foreign policy are a truly heavy weight on the scales of who to vote for. So, I now believe that I erred on that end as well.


Third: I, up until this election, thought that the uninformed voter electorate was a smaller portion of the electorate then I now believe it is. The exit polls show a stark contrast between what the voters say they wanted and what they voted for. This contrast can be explained in two ways, being uninformed, or being single issue voters on presidential elections.


Fourth: This reason is the reason that I have completely shifted how I think about politics. I believe the single largest reason why our politics continue to go the way it goes regardless of the party in power. Why is it that the republican party is to the left of what the democrat party was under John F. Kennedy? The key word is Culture. Culture drives politics. Look at Egypt. Two opposing forces joined together to overthrow a dictatorial monarch. On one side were those who believed in freedom, and on the other were those that believe that Shariah Law should be the prevailing law of the land regardless of the form of government. Joined together, but when they accomplished their first goal, the larger part of that culture won out easily. What happens from here on out is yet to be determined, but as we stand today it looks like they will be run by shariah and it looks like Morsi will have nearly the staying power of the previous dictator (and just because elections happen doesn’t make it a republic/democracy as Hugo Chavez/Vladimir Putin/etc are voted in every time) .

So if I believe that culture drives politics then what do I believe is causing the culture shift? There are many reasons. The most important one is actually based on individual overall philosophies that are largely driven by religion/faith. Yes, there are still an overwhelming majority that would classify themselves as Christians or Christ-following religiously. More people then ever before in this country are identifying as agnostic/atheistic/identifying no religion/Other. When you combine that with major mainstream church’s becoming more progressive in nature. Started with accepting the Bible as a fallible book and with the insistence on the majority of it being figurative rather then literal in interpretation. Caused mainly by their acceptance of the premise presented by evolution in the hierarchy of the church. They also tend to believe that the government, not the individual, should be tasked with taking care of the poor and downtrodden and that it is our Christian duty to vote in legislators to steal money from other people to take care of those they are unwilling to help themselves. So, with that a good number of self-identified Christians don’t even believe in the core tenets of Christianity and definitely do not agree with the philosophy Christianity begs of the individual.


The second major effect on culture is through the education system. And while there is a substantial automatic pull in a government run school system towards a larger government, I believe that that is secondary. The primary reason that the education system has slanted so liberal is quite frankly because the average conservative has little interest in teaching or administering the teaching of others without potential for monetary gain. We are capitalists after all, but outside of a few private schools capable of paying enough to attract top talent and those wonderful teachers who sacrifice much to teach at those smaller, less funded institutions there is just not a lot of draw particularly in public schools. So, over time between the full devotion to evolution as the origin of man and the teaching of the necessity of government for the massive need that is education it trains kids very early to trust government in a way that frankly the founders would be frightened of even contemplating. This has steered us left from the youth on up. It used to be a debate between Jefferson and Adams, now it seems like we are the Englishmen deciding what other tax to levy on those vile colonial revolutionaries.


The third thing that I see is the massive control of media over the past 5 decades. Since the inception of the Television liberal thinkers have flocked towards this avenue of information. They have gotten big time degrees from big time public and private universities trained in making liberal talking points seem like unbiased journalism. This, however, was more prevalent a problem prior to the internet and cable tv, but even most cable tv “reporters” (not talking heads because they self identify usually) are heavily slanted liberally because of their worldview and educational background. So, for decades we’ve been hearing liberal talking points over and over every day for so long that to many, its become more then just reasonable, it has become common sense truth.


The last thing was actually something potentially originally done as a way to promote conservatism. The heavily entrenched government influence over marriages. Tax rates, regulations, welfare programs all have differing standards depending on ones marital status. Was originally intended to promote the family unit, fight single parent home environments, and stimulate economic activity. It has become a wedge, a tool to try to change the culture by all sources previously mentioned. Over the years there have actually been significant penalties for being married, particularly for low income earners. Single? Have a part time job? Ok, you get benefits. Married? Both of you have the same part time job? Ok, you don’t get benefits. Single? Ok, the tax rate goes up at 200k for you. Married? Both making 150k? Well, your 50k above the tax hike line so you must pay more because you are married. So many things to promote or penalized married individuals and it all does the same thing, it leads to divorce, rushed marriages, marriages of convenience, and many other possible outcomes. But, this breakup of the family unit, particularly with the benefits for low income earners has led to an astonishing number of single mothers with multiple kids with multiple fathers who don’t make enough to support themselves and their kids. This, again, is a culture issue because sex has been glorified to a point that people believe that immorality has no effect on them personally or on the society as a whole, which our founders warned us. Our republic was never meant for an immoral people, nor was it meant for a people without faith in divine providence.


Europe started down the road we’ve been on going downhill when similar things happened in Europe. The death of the church, the liberality of the church’s that are left, and many of the things stated here. So my conclusion, is that without attempting to change culture I cannot wish to change politics in any meaningful way. This also means that the republican party as it persists today has left me ideologically to a point of potentially no return. The change of culture would render the republican party moot. I no longer believe no matter how many great conservative statesmen we get into the house and senate that the entrenched leadership and bureaucracy that is the Grand Ole Party will ever allow conservatism, true conservatism not Rockefellerism with makeup to control or direct the party and as such they are no longer necessarily enough to even start to combat the things that have already happened. Will I vote democrat? Absolutely not. May I vote for republicans in the future? there is that possibility. I will never contribute one solid cent of my money to the Grand Ole Party and my vote is no longer to be expected. If you want me to vote for you, it is no longer enough for you simply to have an R next to your name running against a D. We simply need more then just the status quo, allowing things that have happened in the past to continue unchallenged once it is deemed that the other side won the battle. You want to embrace Obamacare and tell me about ways that you can make it a free market solution? I’m sorry you won’t have my vote. You want to tell me how abortion should be dropped and while you are personally against it you cannot speak on it because you will lose the election? Sorry you won’t have my vote. You want to ridicule those that believe in a young earth, that children of rape are still a blessing, that believe that evolution is more faith then fact? I’m sorry, its not very likely you could ever win my vote.


The two party system we currently have is completely incapable of representing a diverse nation as the United States of America is, and with two parties it is sure only of one thing that the government will take care of its own and will only take action to increase ones power and staying ability. George Washington warned us of a two party system. He warned us of a populace that lacks religious morality and its promotion being taken from government in his farewell address which I will leave an excerpt of that address with you as I close.


‘This spirit, unfortunately, is inseparable from our nature, having its root in the strongest passions of the human mind. It exists under different shapes in all governments, more or less stifled, controlled, or repressed; but, in those of the popular form, it is seen in its greatest rankness, and is truly their worst enemy.

The alternate domination of one faction over another, sharpened by the spirit of revenge, natural to party dissension, which in different ages and countries has perpetrated the most horrid enormities, is itself a frightful despotism. But this leads at length to a more formal and permanent despotism. The disorders and miseries which result gradually incline the minds of men to seek security and repose in the absolute power of an individual; and sooner or later the chief of some prevailing faction, more able or more fortunate than his competitors, turns this disposition to the purposes of his own elevation, on the ruins of public liberty.

Without looking forward to an extremity of this kind (which nevertheless ought not to be entirely out of sight), the common and continual mischiefs of the spirit of party are sufficient to make it the interest and duty of a wise people to discourage and restrain it.

It serves always to distract the public councils and enfeeble the public administration. It agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another, foments occasionally riot and insurrection. It opens the door to foreign influence and corruption, which finds a facilitated access to the government itself through the channels of party passions. Thus the policy and the will of one country are subjected to the policy and will of another.

There is an opinion that parties in free countries are useful checks upon the administration of the government and serve to keep alive the spirit of liberty. This within certain limits is probably true; and in governments of a monarchical cast, patriotism may look with indulgence, if not with favor, upon the spirit of party. But in those of the popular character, in governments purely elective, it is a spirit not to be encouraged. From their natural tendency, it is certain there will always be enough of that spirit for every salutary purpose. And there being constant danger of excess, the effort ought to be by force of public opinion, to mitigate and assuage it. A fire not to be quenched, it demands a uniform vigilance to prevent its bursting into a flame, lest, instead of warming, it should consume.

It is important, likewise, that the habits of thinking in a free country should inspire caution in those entrusted with its administration, to confine themselves within their respective constitutional spheres, avoiding in the exercise of the powers of one department to encroach upon another. The spirit of encroachment tends to consolidate the powers of all the departments in one, and thus to create, whatever the form of government, a real despotism. A just estimate of that love of power, and proneness to abuse it, which predominates in the human heart, is sufficient to satisfy us of the truth of this position. The necessity of reciprocal checks in the exercise of political power, by dividing and distributing it into different depositaries, and constituting each the guardian of the public weal against invasions by the others, has been evinced by experiments ancient and modern; some of them in our country and under our own eyes. To preserve them must be as necessary as to institute them. If, in the opinion of the people, the distribution or modification of the constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates. But let there be no change by usurpation; for though this, in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed. The precedent must always greatly overbalance in permanent evil any partial or transient benefit, which the use can at any time yield.

Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens. The mere politician, equally with the pious man, ought to respect and to cherish them. A volume could not trace all their connections with private and public felicity. Let it simply be asked: Where is the security for property, for reputation, for life, if the sense of religious obligation desert the oaths which are the instruments of investigation in courts of justice ? And let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle.

It is substantially true that virtue or morality is a necessary spring of popular government. The rule, indeed, extends with more or less force to every species of free government. Who that is a sincere friend to it can look with indifference upon attempts to shake the foundation of the fabric?

Promote then, as an object of primary importance, institutions for the general diffusion of knowledge. In proportion as the structure of a government gives force to public opinion, it is essential that public opinion should be enlightened.

As a very important source of strength and security, cherish public credit. One method of preserving it is to use it as sparingly as possible, avoiding occasions of expense by cultivating peace, but remembering also that timely disbursements to prepare for danger frequently prevent much greater disbursements to repel it, avoiding likewise the accumulation of debt, not only by shunning occasions of expense, but by vigorous exertion in time of peace to discharge the debts which unavoidable wars may have occasioned, not ungenerously throwing upon posterity the burden which we ourselves ought to bear. The execution of these maxims belongs to your representatives, but it is necessary that public opinion should co-operate. To facilitate to them the performance of their duty, it is essential that you should practically bear in mind that towards the payment of debts there must be revenue; that to have revenue there must be taxes; that no taxes can be devised which are not more or less inconvenient and unpleasant; that the intrinsic embarrassment, inseparable from the selection of the proper objects (which is always a choice of difficulties), ought to be a decisive motive for a candid construction of the conduct of the government in making it, and for a spirit of acquiescence in the measures for obtaining revenue, which the public exigencies may at any time dictate.

Observe good faith and justice towards all nations; cultivate peace and harmony with all. Religion and morality enjoin this conduct; and can it be, that good policy does not equally enjoin it – It will be worthy of a free, enlightened, and at no distant period, a great nation, to give to mankind the magnanimous and too novel example of a people always guided by an exalted justice and benevolence. Who can doubt that, in the course of time and things, the fruits of such a plan would richly repay any temporary advantages which might be lost by a steady adherence to it ? Can it be that Providence has not connected the permanent felicity of a nation with its virtue ? The experiment, at least, is recommended by every sentiment which ennobles human nature. Alas! is it rendered impossible by its vices?’

Election 2012

In the course of this post I will be laying out my opinions, and while I believe everyone I know knows who I am voting for in this election I want to lay out the case for Mitt Romney as being more then simply the better of two evils without announcing my support for the candidate as a whole on the basis of his philosophy.

The first thing you must think about is the question; What is the first constitutional responsibility of the President of the United States? The primary constitutional responsibility of the President is to ensure the security of both our borders and personal safety as well as our interests and allies abroad.

I believe honestly that the Barack Obama that is on the campaign trail both in 2008 and 2012 states a foreign policy that actually conflicts with what President Obama has done, and I am glad that is the case. George W. Bush in an interview right when Obama was taking office said it best in an interview that “once he sits in that chair and it all becomes available to him he will change his mind” on foreign policy. From the immense difficulties of closing Guantanamo bay, to not moving up the scheduled end of the Iraq war (and not thoroughly stopping it then, we just handed over security in the country to american contractors), to executing surge-like tactics in Afghanistan before ever even starting to draw down forces. This leads to a less than stark contrast between the two previous administrations on foreign policy.

Now, after spending all that time saying that Obama’s foreign policy is similar to Bush’s why would this all important category be so important to me in this election? Because both administrations have failed on it in certain respects, and Obama while changing his tactics to be similar has made simple yet important changes that have hurt our long term security.

The first issue is that until now, no president or candidate for president has ever correctly assigned energy independence as a national security issue. Mitt Romney has made that case. We are dependent on foreign oil that largely comes from dictators and unstable middle eastern countries. Why is (outside of Israel) Iran such a huge national interest? Oil, gas, plastic, pharmaceuticals, and any number of other things come from oil and these products have HUGE implications on the cost to those making under 250k a year (to borrow Obama’s terminology). Why is that? Because we, as the #1 country in oil and gas reserves in the world, have decided not to pursue our natural resources. We have, for decades, chosen to rely on the international market while making a minimal contribution to the market.

Why is it that we have done it? I can only speak of recently, but it is the false science known as Global Warming, no wait, Climate change, no….Climate disruption. This hoax of anthropomorphic global warming that was built by frauds, and perpetuated by fraud and deceit on government payroll. But lets say you disagree with me on that. The money profited from new oil reserves could be used by companies to develop the replacement to traditional fuel and oil products. Remember, its not just gas, but all manner of personal products that use carbon based oil and fuels. If, down the road, government wanted to invest even further into green technology, the taxes from the profit would put us in a position to possibly be able to, tho we are in no place to do it now yet we do when the technology is clearly not ready for prime time.

The next reason is clearly the fact that Obama has made nice with those who stand against us and abandoned our allies, in particular Israel, but also many numbers of other allies. He has taken Neville Chamberlayne’s foreign policy of appeasement and applied it on a grand scale. This has made us appear weak in the international community. The international community tends to like a weakened America, so of course they prefer Obama. It gives them at least a perceived opportunity of taking our mantle.

It must be made clear that under the constitution the President has little power over the economy. Bills under taxing and budgets must originate in the house of representatives and of course be passed by the senate. The best a president can do is to veto a misplaced bill that ends up on his desk. He can recommend, even draft a bill (although any person in the country has the power to draft a bill) but he cannot pass any bill single-handedly. He does have the power to overturn any executive order without any legislation, and in recent years presidents have used executive orders in counter-constitutional ways creating a legislative initiative said to only work within the bounds of another bill but in reality has no  bearing on the previous bearings of the bill.

Mitt Romney has shown one thing consistently in his life to my estimation. That consistency is that whatever solutions he believes are best he does believe that the crux of the solutions must come from the state and local governments and that that is where the power belongs. I contend that the reason that Bill Clinton governed more conservatively then Hillary would have is because he was a governor, as was Romney, both in states where the other party is more traditionally a power in the state. They both had experience with working through differences and working with the other party, which in certain situations can be seen as a flaw, and in others it could be seen as a strength.
When you have the backdrop of the divide happening in this country this should be a welcome change to most.

Just two of a great number of examples of how he holds people that disagree with him in contempt. I know, there could be a reference to a misguided comment where Mitt Romney confuses the 47% argument (being unfair that 53% of the US public pays 100% of the taxes in federal income taxes) with the truth that there are a great many people that rely on government for their sustenance and will never vote for anyone who would reduce that because they have been lulled into a false security of being taken care of by government, and I contend that is the reason for the breadth being added to any number of safety net programs.

But lets talk about those in the 47% that pay no income taxes. Is it true they pay no taxes? Some do not pay any, this is true, however there is a hidden tax that every human being in this country pays either through price of products on the shelf, price at the pump, or electric bills even for those who are subsidized for that rarely covers the entire cost of those bills.

Unemployment today is 7.9%, up by .1% from when he took office. By standards that we had during the great depression it is approx 23%. That takes into account people who have given up or run out of benefits and those working part time when they need a full time job.

We have spent an unprecedented amount of money that is borrowed on stimulative measures in order to “keep unemployment under 8% and by november 2012 be at 5.2%” And that is just one more  broken promise.

This is the one thing that if followed through on that really would have garnered some respect out of even me. Even a conservative who believes counter to everything the man stands for, could have garnered some respect. Unfortunately, it never happened. Transparency of government should happen in all matters not of sensitive nature.

And for those of you out there that are Christians, this is a general overview that surmises why I believe as I do and why my vote will be for Mitt Romney tomorrow.

I will vote for the most pro-life candidate, because God hates the shedding of innocent blood (Proverbs 6:17).

I will vote for the most pro-Israel candidate, because God blesses those who blesses Israel & curses those who don’t (Genesis 12:3).

I will vote for the most pro-debt reduction candidate, because the borrower is servant to the lender (Proverbs 22:7).

I will vote for the most pro-work candidate because God says if a man not work , let him not eat. (2 Thessalonians 3:10)

I will vote for the most pro-marriage candidate ,because God is for marriage as defined in Genesis 2:24 .

I will vote for the candidate who most closely believes government’s purpose is to reward the good & punish the evil (Romans 13).
I will vote based as close as I can on God’s Word (2 Tim. 3:16).
Whoever gets elected, God is the one who sets those in authority and takes them out (Daniel 2:21).
If we are ever to grow as a country and get back to what our country is founded on we absolutely must get away from the policies of Barack Obama and what he has shaped the democratic party to become. If you believe differently and believe in a more liberal government, then we must get away from the policies of Barack Obama and the new democratic way in order to be able to afford the policies you would like to have. If you believe in libertarian philosophy and politics, we must get away from Barack Obama and the new democratic way in order to ever have a chance to beat back government in any area. If you, like I, am a federalist and believe that issues are best dealt with the closer to the individual as possible we must get away from the policies of Barack Obama and the new democratic way. If we are to survive as the shining city on the hill that we have been for the past 200+ years we must get away from the policies of Barack Obama and the new democratic way. If you believe, as I do that a two party system is insufficient to represent the whole of the United States we must get away from the policies of Barack Obama and the new democratic way.
There is only one person to vote for to get away from these policies and to get back to sound government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and that candidate is Mitt Romney.

Death and Taxes. The two inescapable realities of life that are constant through all civilized history. After all, you need to fund government right?

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Now we get to what I see as the most dangerous problem that is developing in our society. The first massive expansion of governments taxation power outside of the 16th amendment by using its language to say that it was ok. It actually has some correlation to the Affordable Care Act in how it was said to be constitutional in spite of the fact that the majority actually saw it as unconstitutional at the time.

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My whole life I have to say that the most difficult subject to discuss in conservative circles is Foreign Policy. To me, the conservative approach to Foreign Policy is not as simple as just spending a ton of money to overwhelm the opposition. It is a combination about a rule of engagement that makes sense, an efficient use of funds to maximize the amount of use every dollar gets, the limitation on foreign (and in particular chinese) parts and weapons we buy for the military, and strategic deployments to be able to afford for a quick response to any threat to us, or our allies.

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