This past sunday, I saw the craziest game I’ve ever seen in my life. For 55 minutes..Tim Tebow looked lost as he tried to sit in the pocket and run a regular offense as prescribed by John Fox. Seemed uncomfortable to say the least. Last two drives tho? looked nearly unbeatable.

Is this just because he’s a clutch player? I contend that while thats part of it, its not all of it. The last five minutes Fox decided (forced to decide) to forget about his offense, and allowed tebow to play to his strengths. Fake runs/screen passes/ moving around in the pocket no huddle and quick counts. He started playing a faster paced game, then he looked in control again. He as allowed to use his emotion as a weapon, and his legs as misdirection. Once he was able to do that the entire dynamic of the game changed.

Was there other factors? yes, there was some luck, prevent defense (which prevents victory) and playing a horrible team. That doesn’t change the reality of what make Tim Tebow comfortable. Fast paced, ever changing, free offense that offenses are scared to run. He may never be a prototypical quarterback, although I believe he will be a good QB in the future, but you can’t write him off because of people saying that its “never been done before”. To give him your full chance would be to allow him to shape the offense to take advantage of his strengths and minimize his weakness’s. Not just attempt to cover up his weakness alone which leads to simply over simplified offense that any defense can defend.

So which player is Tim Tebow? I believe that if he is allowed to you would see a whole lot more of the last 5 minute tebow then the first 55. That is up to John Fox to allow to happen.